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  1. QUESTION: What is our belief about Jesus?

  ANSWER: We accept his example and teachings. We do not deny the divinity of Jesus, but rather we affirm the divinity of all people, because God is the Creator of us all. We think of Jesus as an example, not an exception.

  2. QUESTION: Do we believe in Jesus as Our Savior?

  ANSWER: Any world-teacher who helps humankind to be free from material, intellectual or emotional bondage is a spiritual “savior”. Jesus showed us a way to be free, perhaps the most effective way ever known, and it can indeed release humankind from bondage.

  3. QUESTION: What do we believe about the Bible?

  ANSWER: It is one amongst many sacred scriptures, all of which were inspired by the One Mind and presented through various spiritual teachers. We believe that for Western civilization, the Judeo-Christian scriptures offer an appropriate path to spiritual freedom.

  4. QUESTION: What does Science of Mind believe about God?

  ANSWER: God is that transcendent and beautiful Mystery, the Origin of all, the Sustainer of all, the Truth of all that is. Presence and Principle; Love and Law; Life Itself, and the Substance of all form—this is, in part, our concept of God, but no person can fully explain what God is, since God is infinite.

  5. QUESTION: Do we believe in Eternal Damnation?

  ANSWER: No, we do not. God does not create life and then destroy or condemn it. As free individuals, we may bring great difficulties upon ourselves, but that is as near as we come to so-called damnation. Then it is God, as perfect Law Love, and Truth to whom we may turn for release from these difficulties. The choice is always ours.

  6. QUESTION: Does Science of Mind believe in hell?

   ANSWER: Heaven and hell are states of mind, and neither is a literal geographic place. Modern science has demonstrated that there is no actual “up” or “down” in the universe, where heaven or hell might be. Both are in our minds.

  7. QUESTION: Does Science of Mind believe in Heaven?

   ANSWER: There are certain exalted inner states of consciousness which may be more like the “Kingdom of Heaven” than our everyday life on earth, but we must always realize that God is here and now, and to know this is to sense something of what heaven is.

  8. QUESTION: Does Science of Mind believe in the Ten Commandments?

   ANSWER: Yes, for we do not deny the validity of this wise and useful code of conduct, this intelligent and loving life-pattern.

  9. QUESTION: Does Science of Mind believe in good and evil?

   ANSWER: God is the Source of all, beyond good and evil. God simply is. But in human life, where freedom allows us to make mistakes (so-called “sin”), our comparisons of actions to what would have been better, leads us to ideas of good and evil. However, they are human inventions, for ultimately there is only God: Infinite Love and Truth.

  10. QUESTION: Does Science of Mind believe in “Hereafter”?

   ANSWER: We believe in the eternal now, which includes both here and hereafter, for Life is an ever unfolding experience of God’s Self-Expression. There is much, much more to it than what this world contains. We do not, however, believe in a sudden change in our whole nature when we leave this plane, for we retain our individual identity. And so it is that “Immortality” is not something awaiting us in the future, because we are Immortal now! In other, yet unseen dimensions of life, there are new fields to conquer, new challenges, new and beautiful Truths to discover in an unlimited and divine, Cosmic Universe.

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