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Science of Mind Teaches:
SCIENCE OF MIND is a philosophical study of humankind, our purpose in being here and our relationship to life, to our family, our work, our fellow beings, our environment and our Creator.

SCIENCE OF MIND teaches that each of us individually controls the course of our life, our success or failure, our health or sickness, our happiness, boredom, or misery—by mental processes which function according to a Universal Law.  

SCIENCE OF MIND teaches that we are all creating our own day-to-day experiences (each according to his or her understanding) by the forms and procession of our thoughts.  

SCIENCE OF MIND teaches that everything in the Universe operates by Law, or cause and effect. It shows us how we can use the Law for our own good. 

SCIENCE OF MIND teaches that the originating, supreme, creative Power of the Universe, the Source of all substance, the Life in all living things, is a cosmic Reality Principle which is present throughout the Universe and in every one of us.  

SCIENCE OF MIND teaches that we are all physical, mental and (most important of all) spiritual beings and each one of us is a unique individualization of the one Universal and Supreme Being.

SCIENCE OF MIND is a Way of Life. It offers techniques devised to expand our conscious awareness of Spiritual Laws and shows us how to use them. Thus it creates the experience of wholesome living for all who follow its principles.

SCIENCE OF MIND is a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy and revelations of religion, applied to human needs and the aspirations of all.


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