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In its practice and teaching, Science of Mind endeavors to include the whole life. It is not a dreamy, mystical cult, but the exponent of a vigorous message applicable to the everyday  needs of Creative Life. 

Indeed, this is the one distinctive tenet of the many teachings of Science of Mind that accounts for its rapid growth. Men and women find in it the message that fits in with their personal needs and desires.

The conventional idea of future life, with its teachings of rewards and punishments, is not stressed; the message is good news for the here and now. 

Science of Mind says that religion, if it means anything, means right living, and right living and right thinking wait upon no  future but bestow their rewards in this world-in better health, happier homes and all that makes for a well-balanced normal life. 

Discover how you can make the most of your potential. Learn to use your innate, creative ability to realize all of your goals. Make your life an exciting adventure.

—Ernest Holmes

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